Thursday, August 23, 2007

Web Refugee

I'm working this morning, as I have for many mornings, on the road; I'm at Zou Zou's in Chelsea today. My itinerant life is not entirely of my own choosing, though I do find it a nice change of pace, and will probably come "downtown" once a week from here on out.

I've been forced from home by the dastardly actions of the folks at HughesNet, who have undermined my expensive Internet connection by turning off services. Apparently my 5-year-old satmodem, the DW4000, is no longer supported, and they're putting the squeeze on me to upgrade by turning off services. Without notice. And naturally, they're good enough to offer me a "free" upgrade which I can have for $25 in shipping charges if I sign a 15-month contract. Oh, and I'd have to have a professional installer come and repoint my dish for $125. So, it's "free" for $150 and a 15-month contract.

I'm over a barrel. Am I wrong to feel all this is a bit of a fraud?

My plan "B" is to buy a used modem off the 'Net and just attach it to myself. Should be as easy as a phone call and swapping over a few connections. And then I can work from home again.

Ah, the trials of a Web worker.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Julian stands up for first time

A big milestone for a great old friend of mine. Bill stood up for me at my wedding, and it's exciting to see his family growing.